Lexington Urological Associates, P.A.

The staff and physicians of Lexington Urological Associates, PA, and The Urology Surgery Center, LLC, are highly trained professionals. We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the following urological conditions:

We are also experienced urological consultants offering second opinions for patients who want a more complete understanding of their condition and possible treatments. We believe in patient education as a central part of any medical practice.


At Lexington Urological Associates, PA, and The Urology Surgery Center, LLC, we understand that urological conditions can sometimes be embarrassing to the patient. Your medical record is strictly confidential and private. No information regarding your condition will be given to employers, friends, or relatives without your written permission. The only exception to this is when disclosure is required by law, as in industrial injuries, assaults, etc.

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Lexington Urological Associates, PA

Phone: (803) 796-9968

West Columbia Office
139 Summerplace Dr
W Columbia, SC 29169
Monday through Friday
9am to 5pm

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Lexington Office
811 W Main St
Lexington, SC 29203
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
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