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Our telephones are answered between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Most calls will be referred to the nurse, who then will confer with the physicians. This allows the physicians less interruptions when examining patients and enables him to remain on schedule.


All prescriptions and authorizations for renewals should be requested during normal office hours. No pain medication will be called in after 5:00 p.m.

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We participate in the Medicare program. If you are a Medicare patient, we will submit your claim to your Medicare carrier and accept their payment as payment in full. You will only be responsible for the deductible and coinsurance.

For patients with our insurance carriers, our receptionist will ask you to complete a patient registration form and sign an authorization which will allow us to release information to your insurance company for reimbursement. Our physicians are participants with numerous managed care companies.

Although we will submit surgical charges to your insurance company, the financial responsibility for services rendered rests with the patient and/or his or her family, regardless of any insurance coverage (excluding HMO contracts). You should direct any questions or complaints regarding your coverage to your insurance carrier. Our fees have no relationship to how good a policy you or your employer want to purchase, or to what an insurance company may tell you is or is not a proper fee.

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Managed Care**Insurance

We do participate with several managed care insurers. Please call our office to verify our participation status. The deductible and / or co-pay is expected at the time of service. There will be a $25.00 billing fee assessed for non-payment at the time of service.

Patients are responsible for correct insurance information and/or primary care physician referral forms. Failure to do so will result in full payment from the patient for services rendered.

Our office will file insurance claims for you. There will be a $25.00 charge for completing disability and return to work forms.

Please call the billing department for any concerns regarding your financial obligations. You will be requested to update your information at least annually or when there are changes in your address, telephone number, employer and/or your insurance information.

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You can help us keep medical costs down by paying at the time of service. It has become a common procedure in most medical offices to request payment at the time services are rendered. This reduces the cost associated with billing and enables us to maintain your costs and our overhead without diminishing the quality of care.


Services provided by our physicians in the hospital, office, and the Urology Surgery Center will be filed to your insurance company, provided we are given sufficient information. Any remaining balance after the insurance pays, is the patients responsibility.

To control our billing cost we respectfully request payment of co-pays and deductibles and 20% co-insurance at the time of service. To help defray the cost of billing there will be a $25.00 billing charge added for non-payment at the time of service.

For your added convenience, we do accept VISA and Master Card as payment.

All charges are based on the extent and complexity of your condition. In order for our office to pre-cert your procedure we request your current insurance information 48 hours prior to your procedure.

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Locations, Hours and Appointments

To better serve our patients, we have three locations. Our office hours in the West Columbia are Monday thru Friday 8:30 am until 5:00 pm. At the Lexington Office our hours are Tuesday 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm. Our Irmo office is open on Wednesday afternoon from 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm.

Not all physicians go to all locations, therefore please confirm which location your appointment is scheduled. All offices are closed on customary holidays.

Patients are seen by appointment only, so please call in advance to reserve a time. Should you not be able to keep your appointment, please give 24 hours notice when possible. In this way, it will allow another patient to be seen at that time.

In an emergency please call our office and the receptionist will direct your call to the triage nurse, who will then contact your doctor. Should an emergency arise after hours, call our office, and the answering service will contact the physician on call. He will return your call and give you further information. Please give the answering service a detailed and complete description of the nature of your call.

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Patient Form

Use the link below to open and print the patient registration form. Please complete the form in advance and bring it to your appointment.

Patient Registration Form

[Need help opening/printing PDF form?]

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Surgical Procedures

More and more insurance companies require pre-certification for hospitalizations and surgical procedures.

Please check with your insurance company if this is required. Failure to provide insurance companies with this information results in unpaid claims, which is ultimately the patient’s responsibility. It is the patient’s duty to inform their insurance company of such action.

If our office participates with your managed care insurer, we will pre-certify any procedures necessary. However, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that this is completed.

Most of the outpatient procedures can be scheduled at our surgery center, which is owned by the physicians. Our surgery center is a modern facility with state of the art equipment and instruments. The staff is highly trained and very skilled in handling all types of procedures.

The cost for procedures performed in the surgery center varies according to the type of procedures being done, the complexity of the procedure and the time it takes to actually perform the procedure. When scheduling your procedure the scheduler will ask which facility you would like to have your surgery scheduled; Lexington Medical Center or Urology Surgery Center.

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Medical Records and Confidentiality

At Lexington Urological Associates, P.A., we understand that urological conditions can sometimes be embarrassing to the patient. Your medical record is strictly confidential and private. No information regarding your condition will be given to employers, friends, or relative without your written permission. The only exception to this is when disclosure is required by law, as in industrial injuries, assaults, etc.

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Privacy Practices

Lexington Urological Associates, PA, wishes to present a document outlining its privacy practices.

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